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Palms planted firmly against his temples, Travis paced the room like a caged animal. Giant black bats screeched in his brain, their pointy wings scraping at the edges of his cranium.


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Years later, I found a map in my brother’s lonely apartment in L.A. “Bury me here,” he instructed in a scrawl on a map he had drawn of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Kitchen Scrap

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Her pudgy face, flour-coated and sugary and so life-nurturing in the past, had a different spark now, a searching look I’d seen as soon as she opened the door.

John & Jackie

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By the time I learned how much I loved my family, I was 3 years and eight-hundred miles away from them


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"Mommy is going to learn how to clean the oven," I said to my son. I was really talking to my husband. Unhappy spouses do that. They put on a show in front of the kids.

Whole Lot of Sick

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I'm instant sorry I give him a tight hug but nothing will erase the ugly.

The Weak Force

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So I walk behind Sandra’s desk and I put my radioactive tum-tum right up to her beaded dreadlocks and I tell her about the nuclear energy that is flowing through her right now. She laughs and screams at me the way I am sure her daughter does when someone

Cognitive Therapy in Russian

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We aren't designed for darkness. Something deep inside of us, something much older and deeper than us is telling us to move away, get to warm, because if we don’t, come winter we will die.

1994, What I Wanted

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Xanax, A hand gun, And the courage to pull the trigger

An Excerpt from "Lucidity"

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It had been early December. We were dressed in gym shorts and tanks, only one towel to share between the two of us. We had managed to sneak into the public swimming pool area without being noticed by security, Schmidt always convincing me to accept sponta

The Dock

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Row, Caps of white, A salted escape beneath reflected light. Brother, remember those old lies? I’m off to sea to make those things right, now.

For days I could speak only in clichés

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through the depression. / I felt, without a body, something in agony / or maybe a body without a soul, stiff


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the only sun I’ve seen this week / was in a Jimmy Dean commercial


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The loss of the ability to feel pleasure in things that were once pleasurable. A hallmark of clinical depression. She has felt more or less anhedonic for months now. When she's at work, she pumps herself up with LOTS of coffee and…

sudden onset happiness

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people talk about depression/ as a great black hound/ bounding upon them,/ teeth set/ for the heart.