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First Lives

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There are some, I am told, who never see the dead, though I am as yet unable to believe it.


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In China I remembered you only once:the restaurant's speciality, chosenfrom a braid of live varieties,spiraled to the floor while the waiterflayed it with a knife flickedfrom his wrist. The snake made your initialover and over the black tile.What pain? Love's all…


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The streets were damp and cold that July day in Urumqi.


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In those years, you and I were told to leap for a world suffused with sound and industry.


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"Schadenfreude is the German word for deriving pleasure from the suffering of others. Not huge sadistic pleasure or anything, not being excited somebody's puppy got ran over. But just that little prick of relief we all get when there is some tragedy tha


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Every day, I write myself further away From the East Where we began


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When Min had gone through all the journals, he placed them on the shelves and finished getting dressed. He couldn’t finish his coffee, and as he washed the dishes in the kitchen, his hands shook.


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I have a bachelor of arts in folding laundry. I'm certified in the tai chi of scrubbing china. I'd like to get my doctorate in the unmentionables: circus acts, flying trapezes. Recite Leaves of Grass to the elephants while they parade single-file around the ring.…

Notes on a Travel Story

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150,000,000 dead Siberian mammoths undressed by snowmelt


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China refuses them politely, politely in that Communist way of saying without saying.

BUTTERFLY, A NOVEL’s monologue:

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Many of you may think I can't talk but I do, excessively so and all jaws. I wonder if that's the reason I get burnt sometimes. And yes, I too have a life, hear me.I was born on a rainy day somewhere in Asia, when a stranger bought me on the antique Bird & Flower Market…

Butterfly, a novel by Julie O’Yang (excerpt)

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‘So what exactly did you decide?'It was two years later that Sato-san put the question to me. The two of us had been hiding for two bloody years, moving about in the marshes along the river, living off small, skimpy meals. We couldn't turn back to our unit, because Cesaru…

A Swallow From China

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She will always be mine, my forever swallow from China. She began to undress, unclasped her bra, slipped out of her panties and slid in next to me. I made room for her, giving up the small warm space my body had created. I brushed the hair away from h

Out of no way, way

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(puppet dragons in/ the light),/ paper tigers in/ the dark.


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Your words broke meLike a china vase dropped to the floorAnd though the pieces were recoveredStuck together with love and compassionThe cracks are there for those who lookI was happy to be there, content in that placeYou wanting to be somewhere elseNever telling me where…