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Moe Tucker

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I know I'm supposed to admire some girl drummer like Moe Tucker or Mrs. Karash, that would be more...


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In the morning, Alan woke with only a half hour before he had to be at work. He pulled his clothes out of the dryer and folded them on the top of the washing machine. On the side of table he noticed, in among people’s old, stray socks, a button like one

Using Mini-Golf as a Metaphor for the Shortcomings in My Love Life

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My girlfriend, Anna, was not at the party but out of town for the weekend. I promised myself I would kick her out of my apartment soon. That was in the works since God knows when. She was never going to leave voluntarily and this maneuver, I figured, woul

13 Crimes Against Love, or, the Crow's Confession

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He's kneeling on the floor of his West Village apartment, by the door, asking me to leave. He first said he saw someone once a week. But what he means is that they sleep together every night, as they live together, and spend their Sundays together.

Wild Dreams Of Reality, 3

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The following day, I was so nervous that I decided to have a drink to keep a lid on my nerves. It wasn't even noon yet. They say that's when you know it's getting bad, and that drinking has become a problem. But I hadn't gone out with anyone in over fi

The Game

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She would turn her back to me and giggling commence with "green light" at which point I would begin tearing my clothes off...

The Late Show at the Argo

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The couple drove away at the end of the late show. They crashed sooner or later, often with fatalities to the woman cuddled up against her illicit lover.

Blue Crabs

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The perfect murder, and it’s not even murder.


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“Wait, so you’re Burt Lancaster? You’re not tall enough to be Burt Lancaster.” I popped a hand over my mouth. Wine as truth serum would do me no favors.

Split Decisions

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Many colored eyes move slow between the mirror and my heart, begging questions. I offer no explanation. None suffice to breed either my content or theirs.


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Howard needed to finish this time. As his marriage slid further down the sinkhole toward divorce, it was important to him that his affair be successful.

What the Bay Broke

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This summer they had reached their fifth anniversary, the landmark they’d dubbed the Bacchanal year. Instead of exchanging gifts made of wood, they’d bought expensive wines and champagnes and emancipated their bodies of clothing for two straight days. The

Falling in 4:55

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“You are going to fall in love with me,” her smile suggested she had said this to many men, and she was probably right every time. She spun the CD on the tip of her finger as her tongue flicked from behind her teeth. Her dark hair was always arranged just so,…

One Amber Down, Two to Go

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I am brave, I am sexy, I am strong

Turkey Sandwich

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Perhaps I deserve to feel this way. We were trying to get pregnant when my online escapades became more frequent. Like a drug, this was my place to escape the real horrors of life.