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I'm not sure why I favor forgotten detritus from God's great tumbler...

Juan Looking Good

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Juan’s tío, Richard, who works for the city and is the kind of Mexican who thinks he isn’t, took care of the lawyer. Juan checks himself in the mirror, didn’t know how good dressing fancy would feel.

For the Woman Who Has a Hundred

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“What would you get? What should you give a lady who’s one hundred for her birthday?”

Old man deodorant

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“I’m surprised you haven’t fucked yourself to death, too,” he added, “given your record.”

Again and again, until what emerges

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I’m going to tell you what we found: / the sick black smudges, their signatures / on our kitchen wall, the half-crushed shells / of aluminum cans clustered like rock oysters

Century Plant

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"Who will now give us our bread?"

Art exploits

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Against// the mysteries and the dark/ it illuminates and shapes


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In the east the sun. I love