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The Damned Thing Out

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Something was there. It was undeniable, and he turned to face the padre, whose eyes were now clenched shut. Without asking for further permission, he moved his hand in-between the intestines, which felt like curtains of tightly—wound chorizos. Suddenly

Hollister Chicks & Gilroy Girls

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The job meant cleanin' up the chicken shack, aligning feed troughs and rebuilding the coops, but before that we had to do a most unspeakable act.

The Ballad of Phineas, Fair Nance and The Beej

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So off to the Nacimiento woods after Arizona's homemade pizza flat That's more intoxicating than a brew And lisnin' to Strangefellow's ten fingers magically fly on his Strat With his Psyche-delicate view

Sooz & Sid

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“Scccrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccccccch! The '69 Chevy Impala, grey-black smoke pouring out of its tailpipe, came to a crunching stop on the top of a hill fifty miles to go on the road to Portland, the smoke mixing with the fog and remnant's of brush f


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In the dark, glowing green eyes means deer. You can also know a deer by the loud crash it pulls like a sidecar through the forest. Red eyes means owl or bear. Yellow eyes means mountain lion. You have to be wary for the eyes of a mountain lion because a m

Enid's Hat, Joyce's Youth

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They sat silently, side by side on the edge of the flatbed. Joyce’s long hair danced across Enid’s shoulder, whispering now and then along the back of her neck.

Opening Chapter from Mother's Beach

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He would be visible floating in the liquid nitrogen in the Plexiglas chamber, but the mechanisms for his maintenance would be silent. The building's electricity supplied power, but in the event of a power loss, an emergency generator would take over.


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Years later, I found a map in my brother’s lonely apartment in L.A. “Bury me here,” he instructed in a scrawl on a map he had drawn of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Dick Be Gone

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One thing about being a musician—more specifically a drummer—struggling against the cost of living—more specifically the cost of living in the Bay Area—is that I will do just about anything to earn money.

Icicles in California

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Jake is four years older than I am, and while back in high school it seemed like a wide chasm yawned between us, as we've grown older the distance has gradually shrank and shrank, until I returned home for winter break and found it was merely a thin trace

Tuesdays With Bono

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Park bench in San RafaelBono and I sit talkingA warm dayComparing our knucklesBoth hairy like my grandfather'sHe tells me he usesOne password for all his accountsThere are more important thingsTo think aboutThan one hundred different passwordsYou can't do thatI…

Hey Hey It's Okay

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Over by the swimming pool singing - Hey hey it’s okay - A line from a song he heard - On the stereo when we were driving in the car - On the way to sign the papers to get - His grandfather released from the hospital


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My ride, my good friend Morning was due any minute, but of course, he/she was always late. My costume was a dog. I was stuck to another dog, in the act of passion. A stuffed one. A basset hound. I said my name was Lightning.


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You still like California anyway

Golden State

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The first door on the right is the bedroom. Even if I try to forget; my body remembers and the strength of its yearning fairly pulls me inside. I noticed you left the door ajar. Really you should be more careful.