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They Laugh When You Cry

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The sudden sound of old night tires crunching sand, closer, louder, made her jump. The car’s engine bumped and banged like a wild caged bird, then sputtered out just beyond the kitchen window.


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I am moving to the desert. To live among the cactus.

The Dragon Sleeps

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In the Year of the Dragon,everyone has stopped kung fu fighting.Even Radames Pera is no longer Grasshopper.His bald head has grown long and Little House on the Prairie knows him as John, Jr.I recognize him and am star struckbetween biology and geometry.This is not…


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My parrot Poe freezes when a crow soars outside the window the same way I do when you approach my door. You come knocking late at night. What do you want this time? I yell. To come in you say, please. Go the fuck away, I respond but you keep…

My Name is William Hurt and I Am a Movie Star

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Not to sound too ridiculous, but Hurt was giving me the hurt, and it felt good.

Lost Boy - Excerpt from Single Stroke Seven

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“How long you been waiting around?” he asks as he pockets my soggy ten-dollar bill. “For a jump or break in life?” I ask. He smirks. “I hear that.”

Under the Jacaranda Trees

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When I left, Phil dropped to his knees and grabbed my ankles with his hands. His face was red and ugly from crying. “Wait!” he kept saying. “Let’s just talk for a minute!” But we’d already talked. We’d talked and talked and talked. The only thing left to

The Game Show Support Network

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Those who have lost at game shows meet each week for mutual support. All is well, until they start disappearing in ways related to their ill-fated appearances as contestants.