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His long black lashes stir, flutter a wink. His eyes catch yours through the dark reflection of your face, illuminated from beneath by wavering candlelight. Reflection obscures his features; they become yours.


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The man was a novice at adultery, paranoid, disaster hanging over his head like a cartoon anvil.


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The gun sits quietly in the woman's handbag.

The Vessel

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The world was a secret, an umbrella for even greater secrets.

Squirrel Boy, You Are My Toy

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unbury yourself from the silt and give me some seal love.

Crystal Tips

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by the time he's moves onto knives, she has appeared in next door's window: sliver of nut-pale belly, fingers wet with suds, nails painted bright as glitterballs.

Dreamphone Sleepover

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Cassie cradles the loaf-sized phone – pinker than any girl – and dials. he's not wearing a hat says the phone and we all scratch our pencils on the boy-list.

Gazing Skyward... Or, in the dim twilight of youth

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Not so long ago, in a place not too far from here, there lived a big boy with big glasses. His name was Horace (after his great-grandfather on his father’s mother’s side), and he loved to watch the stars.

Walking To Gibraltar, Chapter 12: In Which Frank Consults A Mirror

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"I need a male friend, and I think I've found one."

Momo and Me

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Momo told me not to mind her, but I did. At night, after he'd tucked me in, I could hear him on the phone in the living room, talking for a long time. Early this morning he woke me up and gave me my backpack. ‘Put some clothes in here', he said. ‘We're going on a trip.'

Boy Got Big

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Just three or four seconds ago you were in a Power Rangers costume and you needed me to wipe your nose. This is a nice surprise but the transition is awkward and a bit painful.

The Lycanthrope Fun-Time Activity Book

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an elongating boy with butter-yellow flecks in his eyes, and skin patched like a tabby.

On Unpredictability

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All that have changed in me, I give to you now.

The Unicorn's Hero

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Why did you want a Princess Leia doll

Out of Your League

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One. He's out of your league, you know, the guy that comes to the tutoring center every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to help you and the other people in Senora …