Dreamphone Sleepover

by Kirsty Logan

oh gahd, not Josh says Cassie with her

throat tilted just right and her glass angled

to spill. we all shuffle our boy-cards because

it's late and Josh is the hot one. Cassie cradles

the loaf-sized phone — pinker than any girl —

and dials. he's not wearing a hat says the phone

and we all scratch our pencils on the boy-list.

we played this game before we had tits or spots

or periods or stretchmarks or hangovers. now

we've had them for so long we need the game

to be those girls again. a handful of girls to a

fistful of women and really what's changed?

we drink harder and compare one another's

dark roots. you're right says the phone.

I like you. Cassie giggles into her empty glass.

we crumple our lists. the boys

always choose Cassie.