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Chicken Bones

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"My body annoys me. It distracts me from myself with its constant needs, never fulfilled. I feed it like a stray cat that’s been there too long."

For the Woman Who Has a Hundred

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“What would you get? What should you give a lady who’s one hundred for her birthday?”

Feminist Strategy

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I was born the day after Christmas.

Jen the First

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"kissing her with every muscle in my neck."

Old man deodorant

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“I’m surprised you haven’t fucked yourself to death, too,” he added, “given your record.”

Happy Birthday

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Tack up the ribbons, the banners with tape. Set the table with tablecloth, bright cups and plates. Tell Grandma it’s time to bring in the cake.

Ten Reasons

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When she buys a new dress on sale at Macy’s, with a low-cut neckline and a flattering belt that cinches at the waist, and she puts it on and saunters up to her husband, stretched out across the couch reading the newspaper, and asks, “How do I look?” with

IGGY (Iguana Iguana) — A Novel (Chapter)

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After he’d told her on Friday that No, he wasn’t going to sign that contract for the cemetery plots she’d picked out—“I don’t want to spend my whole life knowing exactly where I’ll end up” is exactly what he’d said—the marriage, as far as she was concerne

ON THE MORNING OF BEN TANZER, 2012 (notes from a fortune-telling)

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In one photograph, you are seen holding a large, expensive elephant over your head. You are certain the name of this elephant is Fancy Dan, though you are certain also that you have never before met.

Birthday Money.

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4 sentences

THE MOON, THE SUN, AND RYAN W. BRADLEY (not quite a fortune-telling)

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“That’s just Ryan W. Bradley—son of a bitch knows better by now.”

Poem for Birthday

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Nonetheless, the undiscovered territory/ shrinks ahead of you./ Opportunities for Delphic utterance/ disappear behind you.

Has a letter arrived for me?

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“Has a letter arrived for me?” Billy sat on the third stair from the bottom, drumming his little hands on his Spider-Man pyjama bottoms. “Dad!”

No Such Happenstance

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Tabitha approached her daughter, eyes not managing to veer away in time to miss the tutu rising up the chunky ham legs.

The Ghost

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I wrapped my arms around each of them ran my hands over their face, and kissed their lips. "Why are they dreaming?" I asked.