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The Scarlet Tanager and the Sparrows

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“Eat more bugs,” said an old one.

They Come To Me At Night

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I have an appointment set for the day after next; you said you thought you might be firing blanks and then I feel a kick into my chest—two kicks, three, seven at least—my cat is going crazy at the stinky tom outside the window and the birds are waking, sc

Upon Reading the Cuckoo Bird Entry in A Pocket Guide to Birds

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I bring this up because a name matters, because it doesn’t really matter if you cuckoos are “longer, much slimmer, and more graceful than robins.”

Sing a Song of Saphris

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All the owl eyes stay open wide 24/7, staring you into a melted chocolate for marzipan puddle so that you understand the impotency of the line.

The Bus Breaks Down on St Vincent Street

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he tips groundward and breaks apart


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Not a bird, but a collection of blue: cobalt, indigo, ink-dipped navy.


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saltminer's archive I

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Early sunrise lacks any heat and the skunks wait under culverts for the steam to rise from the stem. Nothing to do but dig and dig.

A Poem written as my Former Self

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And there it is lifeless. A bird. A robin? A blue bird with a yellow head. A mockingbird?

A Different Song

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For the first time in her life Debra would be able to feel the music as it blazed around her, the smoke of it choking and thick. Marta smiled at that thought and returned inside where she sat down on the couch and didn’t mind if she ever wore clothes agai

The Cat's Pajamas

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It all started when he bought my leopard nightie.

Tumultuous Cracker

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The whole scene smells like paranoia.

A Different Song

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That morning the birds sang a different tune. Marta awoke, ruffled in her sheets and stopped to listen. What was normally an upbeat and sunny musical number, a perfect accompaniment to the rising day, was instead awash with an…

Flamboozled in the Beak

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I was looking for an inn to get a cup of calf soup before jacking ribs at the mutton joint. Feng calls, running numbers on an engine zone out in the valley.