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Beach Bird Bliss

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This day, oh, this day… shoved joy and gratitude in my face, then tossed in beauty and just a touch of grace. A Piping Plover set my sorrows by the side, nabbing morsels when it could, then racing from the tide. Junior Eagle perched…

Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 183)

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He was already up before the sun could cast the usual large, black blanket over the island’s tropical trees and paint pictures within its jungle. By now, the helicopters were already in landing position. Bullets and plasma shots were being sent back and f

It was 1965

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Not a locust of birds swimming into the last of the grain plowed.

Because it is Summer

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Then sings the Bird-Who-Prays. She mumbles softly asking forgiveness for all the sinners of the world and food for all the hungry children. He knows as well as she, she has long since lost her faith and only sings out of habit.

Swarming beaks

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A box with six birds in the back yard — Palm-sized Chickadees with black-capped heads.

Portrait without Birds

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so Tippi has no interest

One Heart

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That blue is not a colour but a territory of sight.