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Pit Stop

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I was more annoyed at the scream, the icy air around us and our eventual destination–his parents, the club, small talk, all that drunken insignia.

Schizoid Love Story

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As she stood outside, puffing on a cigarette in the wet air, she still couldn't recall his name.


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There are several people I do not care for much at all—annoying cretins, blasĂ© philistines, or godawful narcissuses—and I do not care much for caring about such people when I encounter them, which unfortunately happens quite often like some cruel lottery where I…

Red Sky at Night

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Floating in liquor only to drown the next morning.


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i try/to get/up but you prove/your strength.

Personal Time

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“I”, fuck it. I, I, I, I. It has always only been about me, this voice of mine, indivisibly me. selfishly and pompously. I shall not dispense with the false pleasantries other writers will offer, those writers that say, “Reader, look here, look at the…

Code Book of Apathy

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that lightheaded feeling you have right now is a good thing

Moon collar

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I don't think dogs like to die with the pack. The smell of them rotting brings trouble in the wild,