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Dakar 1989

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Everyone runs to the plane but me. I get the last seat (middle of 5), crush men’s bags on my way. I’m white & female. They glare.

When I Became a White Girl

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“Actually, children, none of us will be having birthdays this year,” my father sighed. “Not even me? Why?” asked Charlie. "Son, this is what's known as a ‘one-party democracy."

In the Forest of the Snake People (Part 1)

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There are no minivans heading north out of Nairobi for the rest of the day. I’m sure the schedule said that there should be at least two more departing from the main stage this afternoon, but the touts told me I was out of luck & shrugged their shoulder

The Hottest Place

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She enjoys a boisterous, well-fed captivity.

From Ho Chi Minh City with Love: The Revision

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I shall meet you on the terrace of that famed Bamboo Bar, the one you say will remind me of a posh African restaurant. I do not think this is a good thing. I should not have to remind you, I came here to forget Africa.

Out of the Valley

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Megan Collier clutched the metal sill of her window, torn between fear and intrigue. Though not her first film expedition, it was her first trip to the African continent. Seasoned and well-paid, this crew had weathered precarious situations before. The dr

In My Father’s House There Are Many Murders

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My father said that he had been ready for that journey for many days past and that he had asked often for the spirits to come and take him. He prayed to the god of the heavens and to the earth mother. He prayed for the three of us, and he prayed for the s

The Lost Language of Aramaic

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He instantly forgot how to speak...

The Story

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He pronounced the Afrikaans word with the vowel sound like the vowel in dour. It meant box, but it also meant cunt.

Toweka: The Vanishing Elephant

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The elephant kept popping in and out of the savannah--which is to say, in and out of existence. It was an African bush elephant, which made this trick even more impressive.

Third World Problems: On Breaking My Kindle in Africa

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I blame the fucking mosquito net.

Ugly Histories

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Before the reign of light skinned beauty, before the war of pale and darkEast of the Nigerian Delta & resting low amongst the viscous swampland A baby born in ochre dust, plum-pudding black, eyes full of coal fireUnbound by western influence and their disorders of…

Agnés and Albertine

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Albertine had never loved Agnés. Oh! She had liked her very much. Especially her wit, the skin at the nape of her neck, even the two freckles on her arse that would bloom when licked.

Promise to read me aloud.

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Slaughter of Ndebele; 1st Matabele War December 1893. The parable of Rainfall told of the day Bulawayo club rats swallowed our street and lost their way; of corners bent all the way back into nooks and crannies of…


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wine spills along my backbone