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Life of the Mind

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Days went by as I stood in the woods waiting for a tree to fall, and when none did, I determined the universe is cold and indifferent and that man’s only hope is to buy wood chippers.

Youngish Professor, or Grad Student TA

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Natty looking in his 2-tone shoes and argyle socks blue blazer with 3 gold buttons on each cuff pale yellow hemp or burlap necktie, of course with a blue shirt (never white!!) long mopish hair hanging on his forehead and a

Mississippi Blues

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“Jus’ because a story told right don’t make it true,” he said. “Sometimes the story is there ain’t no story. Sometimes you look way down inside, and ain’t nuthin’ there. Can’t write no book ‘bout nuthin’. Won’t sell none. But them


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His academic nightmare is set in an examination hall, where the student takes a seat at a folding table in the center of the room.

A Felinist Critique of Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth goes around moaning “out, out damned spot,” when a well-placed lick would have solved the problem immediately, with no unnecessary and heavy-handed dialogue. Once again, clumsy work.


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It rained on the morning of the party, and the weatherman promised it would continue throughout the day. But Marilyn didn't mind. She actually preferred entertaining in bad weather. Her rugs weren't valuable enough to worry about, and the gloomier the sky


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She planned on being brilliant.

Boringer's Theory

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If Simpkin believed in reincarnation, which he did not, as he was a philosopher, not a religious fanatic, he might have thought he was Boringer reincarnated.

The Little Prince

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& where, I wonder, is the poet’s planet, What kind of king, or queen rules it?

The Gray (Novel Excerpt)

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Algernon waited in the darkness, and the darkness welcomed him. It clung to him like a blanket as he lounged in his leather seat, clung like the hands of a lover, pressing him comfortably into his great, plush chair, hovering about his mouth like an unspoken…