Stories tagged absurd

Leg and Leg and Another Leg

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The robot may be grabbing onto something so big I'm mistaking it for the countryside, or the sunset. I could just be one cog in an infinite chain of leg-attachment, stretching from the cosmos to the sub-atomic.

The Cloud

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a complicated relationship between a man and a cloud, featuring a hydraulic harpoon gun.


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There is one particular dog, she's one of those hot dog ones, and fast too.

Breakfast for Ten

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Chuck woke when he smelled cooking.

Broadcast From Earth Deli

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I have no confidence that you'll complete the task. Shit, you probably don't even understand it in the slightest.

Buster Keaton

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I passed Buster Keaton on the way to work this morning. He was standing, hands in pockets, at the corner of Riverview and Keil. It was the young Buster, handsome and still strong enough to pin down the scars that marked his childhood. This was the Buster

Six Feet Over

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I’ve paid my dues in this dimension/ so show me where the rest of them are

The Four Despairs of Lumpy

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children love to push the gas up and down my limbs


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a poem that unwrapped itself so casually I tucked it under my tongue, just to make sure