Jason E. Rolfe

Location Southwestern Ontario, Canada
Occupation Marketing & Communication
Website http://jasonrolfe.wordpress.com

About Me

I write for fun and (very little) profit. Although I have been published both online and in print since 2008, I have refocused my writing on Nonsense and the Absurd, and since 2013 have published stories I believe better reflect who I am both as an author and a person.

My short collection, An Inconvenient Corpse, is currently available through Black Scat Books' 'Absurdist Texts & Documents Series'.

I live in Southwestern Ontario with my wonderful wife and unbelievably fantastic daughter.

Why do you write?

I believe the world we live in is absurd, philosophically speaking. The absurdities I see around me often fuel my creativity. I write because I believe I have something to say. I also write because if I didn't, I would keep such things to myself and likely go mad. Also, it's fun.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I have loads of favourites, but the ones who inspire me on a regular basis (and who I consider to be my muses) are Alphonse Allais, Daniil Kharms, David Ives, Tom Stoppard, Sam Beckett, Flann O'Brien, Lewis Carroll, and recently Russell Edson. I love the work of Welsh absurdist Rhys Hughes as well. My favourite books include "The Third Policeman" by Flann O'Brien, "The Postmodern Mariner" by Rhys Hughes, "The World of Alphonse Allais" as translated by Miles Kingston, and "Incidences" by Daniil Kharms.

Jason E. Rolfe's Wall

Darryl Price – Jan 26, 2017

Hi Jason. I'm just finding out about your writing, but I like it very much! Welcome!

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