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Rescue 1973

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I remember it was raining and I didn't have an umbrella and I was standing there on the corner, waiting for Rudy's school bus, thinking, Why don't I have an umbrella?

The Serious Writer Who Has Neither

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They took mine away when I was a mere tot.

Diary of a Lost Girl

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They were all in love with tortured musicians, 22-year-old geniuses who hanged themselves after making one perfect album. The musicians generally lived in England. It was safer that way.

Red Smells Like...

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After 35 years, red still smells like the day of my abortion.I awoke early, my movements hushed to prevent being discovered by the dorm matron and my fellow students. It was cold that Christmas eve for Delhi, but no one would miss me in the excitement of the last day before…


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He tried to call on his break but she didn’t answer. He imagined her on the floor, sobbing, like she’d been the other day. The grey rat would have chewed through a plug-in or some wires and started a fire. She would be ashes, a blackened corpse, reeki

Put Your Trust in God

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God is my stomach.

Message '93

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Mark shifted his messenger bag and veered the bike to the right: catch the fast lane down the center. The bus on his left pressed him. Fucker moves over another foot, bike's going to be on the hood of the taxi.


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I noticed his eyes were two different colors, or one moved strangely, floating randomly in its socket.

They Come To Me At Night

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I have an appointment set for the day after next; you said you thought you might be firing blanks and then I feel a kick into my chest—two kicks, three, seven at least—my cat is going crazy at the stinky tom outside the window and the birds are waking, sc

Momma and Me

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On Saturdays, we pull out big white poster boards, magic markers, and draw babies.

See No…, Hear No…, Speak No…,

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“People are staring at us,” Cat said softly into Marcel’s ear. “We look like an interesting couple,” Marcel replied. “Of course people want to look at us.” Cat nibbled on that thought for a while. New York City is the kind of place where people ra


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You make all the lists.

Like Jeremy Irons

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Usually, you shop around carefully before condescending to see a new doctor, but this time you go to the first gynecologist who would have you, who has time available. Usually, you refuse to see a male doctor (you hate having male doctors!) but this time,

They Will Tear You Apart

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I stared at the Clockwork Orange poster and thought about the knife that Alex held. I imagined it being used to cut out the thing that might be inside her. That’s all I saw whenever I looked anywhere. Things that related to our catastrophe.

Abortion Hallucination

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Carlight passing late at night on a street of an ugly / precinct lying deceiving the unwary who think that it leads home