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Trout Fishing in America Shorty lives on after the death of his dear friend Richard Brautigan, though sadly

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Maybe, after years of writing poems like letters, he began to notice that no one ever wrote him back.

September 26, 2016

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I lack the intellect, discipline, and faith in anything but our ultimate erasure.

MS Fragments Retrieved from a Garbage Disposal

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Mrs. Death was walking in mountains where everything around was still. Mr. Death? —in another hemisphere, wandering (last she’d heard) through a vast forest.


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After you lost sight in your left eye, mom made me go on the road with you that last summer to help you see.

Before She Gets into the Car

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His white shirt gleams

Ya Ever Meet a Buckley? I Haven't.

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Who's that? I don't know. …


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The monkey did not live for long. He’d lost interest in the stuffed dog pretty much right away. The farther away the shuttle, the more garbled and fanciful the sign language the monkey had been taught became.

The Naked Shadows Inside Her Dress

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When the truth is spoken, we don’t know Where to look, as if we only know someone Has gotten away with something big Or stolen someone’s heart, knowing how easy It was, how fragile, how true to itself So open and weightless, without guile

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb #7

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This is no time for those of a religious persuasion. No.


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To be the hand...

Button Man

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I had a hell of a time finding the M16. The last one was made in 2075 and when I asked around half the people I talked to barely even knew what a rifle was. Through some of my old military connections, I met Taddeo who called himself a “gun genealogist” and who…

Cherry of Menloves

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Miranda laughed. The cream of the retail industry laughed...


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I can’t hold a job I can’t hold a hammer


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My wife went vegan.

The Supporting Oscars

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Weekly game night for the Oscar Family. Winning is secondary.

A Thing You can do When You're Feeling Lonely

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Something has put us together again. Only this time we are separated by circumstance that's particularly thin. I can touch you. You can touch me. We can sit next to each other. We can talk. But not about certain things. You know that. It would…