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Urgent, breathers: Pee before reading this novel!

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A jollier zombie you shall never find. You must trust me on this!


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Fred ignored the abandoned cars, corpses and piles of trash littering the tarmac in front of Terminal C. The carcass of a burned out passenger jet smoldered on the closest runway, black smoke coloring everything, turning a beautiful summer morning into a


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By the thousands youngsters swarmed into the streets shuffling aimlessly, many mumbling to themselves, heads bowed as their eyes stared fixedly at the plastic devices in their hands.


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So here I am. Huddled and shaking like my cousin Barb who came off her Temazepan too fast.

gravelortian part 10

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We have been down here before

Night Wreck

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You were watching TV when it began. That much is obvious, since you have always watched TV on Thursday nights, and Thursday was when it began for everyone in Polisville. Around 11 PM, a train on its way to a Nevada landfill jumped the tracks. It's a secure landfill, and the…