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"Congo Village? Never heard of it." "That's the way it's s'posed to be."

The Last VooDoo Doll

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So I lopped off his head and reworked the creation...


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The judge looked at Darren and frowned. But just as His Honor was about to speak, a man entered the room through a door behind the bench, approached the judge, and bent to whisper in his ear.

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

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Heaven’s a blast! It’s like a big summer camp in space...We are the weavers of the tie-dyed sky.

Corporate Zombie Voodoo The rantings of a middle aged male against the corporate culture of America

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This seems to be what happens to the Corporate Zombie Cowboys. They get eaten by their own Zombie Kings. The hardest part is I can see them coming, I am on the menu, and I cannot avoid them.