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Prom Success Thanks To Mom

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Ellie and I entered my house with thirty minutes to lose our virginity. I was eighteen, she was fifteen. Mom hurried down the stairs and asked how prom weekend was. …


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Terry worked in a factory out in Northlake where she added a little squirt of milk and another little squirt of cream to those tiny half-and-half coffee creamers you find at every motel in the country. The owner of that factory hired only women to work


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“We should start a virgins' support group,” said Cindi one autumn afternoon. We were sitting in the bay window of the Campus Coffee Cavern ...


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Losing your virginity in a trailer park while on acid and with a recently deceased granny in the next room. Who hasn't been there?


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It turned out they were both children of church men.

Losing It

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The following is a true story, or rather it is a true experience from the story of my life. Some say that just because something happens doesn't really make it "true".

Igniting the Forest.

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It wasn't raining, and I wasn't in Paris. The moon wasn't out, and I couldn't see the city lights. It was a sunny Saturday, not too hot but hot enough, and I wondered if my bike would fall over …

In Pieces

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At thirteen he laid his seventeen-year-old neighbor, under the smell of agarbatti cones and to the keening of Physical Graffiti. She was kind, generous, and surely less beautiful than he remembered.