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minimal one

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Maybe he should have a schnauzer in the room. He could toss a ball and the dog would bring it to him. Again and again the dog would return the ball.

From New Sketches In Gravitas

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"Just once." he had said. "Yes." her head...he knew he could have gotten in there. After all, she had cried. That was the easy kind.

10 Unofficial Jobs Jake Baker has Never Got Paid For

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Not that their pa really needs the suitcase; he's been coming and going for so long it doesn't matter. The suitcase's just for show. A final goodbye.

Quotes to Live By (and Some to Run From)

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Sometimes she just wants to cut the cord.

Three Ghosts

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When my jaw aches one morning, he tells me I was grinding my teeth in my sleep and that he kissed my cheek and I stopped. I know the ghost of him wouldn’t possess that kind of tenderness.

Mural, Mosaic, and Satori

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He thought of natural violence that had to do with the wind and the Atlantic Ocean. He thought of the Gulf Stream, that important title, that someone had shown him on a map and explained about in detail.