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Small Change

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From the passenger seat, Steve shakes the small jar of quarters. They jingle against one another, plunk against the jar’s thick glass walls and its lid. His lips tighten in concern.

Like Worship

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I’m thinking, kiss me kiss me kiss me. You’re looking over the wine tasting menu and talking to the bartender.

Marcia's birthday party

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Her friend was a performance artist who gave Marcia a framed picture of her vagina, made with menstrual blood. At least that’s what she told everyone.

There's Love, and there's Marriage

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He didn’t used to smell that way, like a rained-on boot, like the insides of a lived-on couch. ... He used to smell like he wore light, subcutaneous cologne.

Princess Pawn

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I suspected he might hate me. This was a game to him. He wanted to see who would scream,"Basta, basta!" first.

But You Said

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A decade, at minimum, was how long their notes had transpired.Still, they all knew how it would end.

I Wanted This

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it haunts me

The Green Eyed Monster

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So this is what hate feels like. I glare at her, across the room standing there with him. Tall, blond, slender, perfect complexion, adorable smile, and bright eyes; and him and his lean athletic build, soft square jawline, charming smile, deep blue gree

D e n s i t i e s

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She rises from a sunlit belly

A Jenga Piece a Time

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Ryuu looked up and saw color seep back into his life. Warm hues reached for his numb heart. His body's coldness was thawed with the tender embrace that wrapped around him so tight he couldn't let go if he had wanted to.