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Ink Darkly the Painted Seasons a1 s01-2

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So long I have journeyed a poverty-stricken fugitive seeking shelter, and know rest only in the hollow of your hands.

Final Resting Place of The Pen

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Purchance to dream purchase ants to dream running Catalan sidewalk schoolyard fumble days berlin wall came tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down the mexico wall come tumbling down fuck you, Gorby. Head to radio, broadcast Hitler kill the generation di

Only a Memory Away

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When Uncle Dan got sent to the Alzheimer's ward, the ladies licked their lips. Fresh meat.

IDtPS a2 s55-57: Of His Soul Defraud

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This to remembrance keep: heed my call that you may avert wasteful woe, lest in fury I impregnate the earth's womb with still-born corpses.

Roadside Daisies

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The phone rang. Pete wiped his heavy eyes and squinted so he could see. He looked at the clock. It was five o’clock in the morning. He rolled over and tucked his head under his pillow. The phone rang again. He ignored it. It rang again. He picked up.

Dr. Dick Destroyed the Delicate Balance of My Unhappy Marriage

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Setting down the ceramic mug I gruffly and finally understood that the only thing that made me happy was her continual unhappiness, so fuck that new car and haircut. Dr. Dick is going to receive two nasty emails: One from me, and one from my lawyer.

IDtPS a1 s03-04 Exile of a Pariah

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Is it not said, "To cover the eyes and snatch at swallows is to fool oneself?"

What Remains

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I knew what to expect. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was in Greg’s genes. That was easy. It was animal. Instinct lights the path, and our bodies follow the light. The real mystery is the who am I question. It drove Hamlet to murder, and l

The Forgetting Room

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I suspend you from the ceiling above this mahogany bed.

The Russian and the Room 7-8

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Within months I become anorexic which in a small, black town unleashes a wildfire of whispers.

May You Never Be Happy Again

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“Everybody’s seen Tom Waits,” Chris said. “Everybody. His son’s a real asshole. I can’t remember his name, so let’s call him Fred. My friend saw Fred walking with his Dad, in Orinda or somewhere, and was like, fuck you Fred! And fuck yo

Through a Glass Darkly

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He woke up that morning thinking that life was a tragedy, and now it seemed like a comedy. People were an endless source of amusement.

Cory's Carousel

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There was an ownership about the makeshift carnival. There was a therapy there.


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Gone Heather, with her hands in her hair, silent for help, over-involved now scared.

a love unfulfilled

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It's the dreamy air that will send you off to your death