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The Bombs & Blood of Texas & Boston

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Running into the fire, the smoke and the chaos; selfless first responders, innocent bystanders, and dedicated runners

La Lluvia

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Then Diane was following Luke down the highway, her shoes filled with rainwater.

When Horses Fly

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Gerald's law practice wasn't new. He'd worked on the law review and finished near the top of his class thirty years ago. After earning his J.D., he'd gotten a master of law in taxation. His favorite cases required researching legal precedents, and he…


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There are moments of inadequacy when I'm too scared to call Chase for my checking account balance and when I stare at the algebra exam in front of me seeing last night's macaroni and cheese and dirty laundry and tomorrow's "Wheel of Fortune" bedsores nurs

Take Your Gun to Work Day

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In a rousing show of support for guns and the owners who love them, the Legislature passed and Governor Greg Abbott gleefully signed a law proclaiming April 15 as Take Your Gun to Work Day in Texas.

Snow in the Sandias

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If there was a God he was deaf in both ears, blind in both eyes and dumb.

In Between Kerens & Ennis

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(all those lonely boxes stuffed with electric light and sick people)

The Broken Ones

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So there is a party, yes, and I am invited.

Freeze! It's the Library Police!

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A Texas man was recently arrested for failing to return a GED study guide to his local public library. He'd kept it out for three years. This is the kind of news story that brings joy to a librarian's heart.The library where I work just installed a…

Dinner at the Whorehouse with Geraldo Rivera

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wear that short skirt and those high-heeled boots

Texas Weather Triptych

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I worry for the daffodils/ and there optimistic yellow bursts./ I worry for the over-eager clover,// prodigious green on crepe myrtles,/ even for the early green of nut grass.

In Brief

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I can admire Falling Water and find Mr. Wright a complete shit.