Take Your Gun to Work Day

by Gary Hardaway

In a rousing show of support for guns and the owners who love them, the Legislature passed and Governor Greg Abbott gleefully signed a law proclaiming April 15 as Take Your Gun to Work Day in Texas. The provisions of the bill limit gun owners to bringing but one gun from their collections lest the less prosperous, who could afford but a single gun, be made to feel inadequate. The bill also stipulates that bringing a gun be mandatory for all registered owners and voluntary, and without penalty, for unregistered owners.

Pressure to repeal the law increased dramatically after the first celebration ended with 1102 dead and wounded across the state. By the time the legislature met again, cooler heads prevailed, and the law remained as an erstwhile emblem of the joy and exuberance that firearm ownership brings to all who love the gleam of carefully crafted barrels.