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The Lord's Army, Hosanna

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CNN shows the promo videos from HIGHA's YouTube account over and over again. Members in combat fatigues clutch rifles as they barrel through the woods, taking pot shots at tree trunks and rusty mid-Eighties Buicks as they go.


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Soon after the young soldiers walked away taking their Burger King, i-pods, and bombs, they captured the last female politician in a cave near the Khyber pass.

Arasoi Chuugi

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"We regret the inconvenience. Due to hijack activity, we have orders to secure this flight. Please remain seated. We will be landing shortly. Thank you for your cooperation."

Man with a Gun

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Derisive comparison of a man's gun to a man's penis is the ology of the illegal government and its collaborators.


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Exhausted, weak from the struggle against the personal gift of terrorism delivered by her ex-boyfriend, she died for a few minutes.

short novel excerpt

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On the edge of the bed steam rises from the teacups on the top of the SuperSer. She scratches at her stockings where the heater element points and folds her legs sideways. Somehow I cannot stop staring at her. The changes in the years since we last met ar

The Agreement

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Our Irish tradition is rich in Yeats, drenched in Bushmills.

The Red Suitcase: Part 1

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He had become an accessory to a murder.