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Hello, My Name Is James, And I Am An Asshole

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By my calculations, all hell is uncoiling. At the moment, this fact is not really obvious to anyone, but I'm confident that will change soon enough.

September Morning

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They were carried out / over shoulders of running soldiers / naked bodies pass


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Fold in the edges. Careful. Creases marked and thumbnail pressed. Don’t look up. Fold in the edges. Concentrate.

Terror From Above

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As airplanes fly low over her children playing in the kiddie pool on the front lawn, Maureen learns something else about her father's new house that lies in the flight path of an international airport.

a supermarket horror story

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stoned,/ i made the mistake/ of walking to the store across the busy street/ to find myself in the middle/ of the pep-up/ for a basketball game/ or something like that.

U R Doomed

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the swarthy terror network

Lost among the Riff-raff

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Poor, pocked Ceres- dwarf planet/ trapped among mere asteroids-

Art exploits

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Against// the mysteries and the dark/ it illuminates and shapes


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fate is an illusion we use to ease the terror of our mortality

Sunday Service

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How they all beat the small drum/ of the word within the world

Scratching into January, 2017

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Follow the money. It seeks/ the lowest of the low and finds them here/ in an embarrassing abundance.

A Despair So Dark

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It all started before the fire.