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Marcel was sitting across from me when I pulled the potato out of my backpack. He was small, brown, round; I tried to pick one that didn’t look old or make me look poor. A classless potato. “What’s that?” “Ummm it’s a potato.” “

Between lights

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She was not like the sighing, giggling, mascara'd masses...

Cory's Carousel

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There was an ownership about the makeshift carnival. There was a therapy there.

When I Grow Up; Or, Why Teenagers Shouldn't Listen to Angst-Rock

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rockstar, moviestar, literary supernova – burning out before all the planets are declassified.

Dairy Queen Lust

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I, personally, just had no interest in having some pimply-faced moron stick his tongue down my throat.

They Will Tear You Apart

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I stared at the Clockwork Orange poster and thought about the knife that Alex held. I imagined it being used to cut out the thing that might be inside her. That’s all I saw whenever I looked anywhere. Things that related to our catastrophe.

Quick Teen Summary

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dinosaurs were the size of parakeets


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[組成] Sosei is Starmyu fan-fiction, which takes place a decade and so after Starmyu first season. Dorian Tsukigami (15) is a boy determined to succeed within Ayanagi's Composition Department by the power of his own musicality.