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It would wander the hallways after the 3:45 bell, after the last class, after the students had all disappeared with the homework they'd never finish, the papers they'd forget to write, after Nate the janitor pushed his broom through the endless doorways,

The One

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Jack thinks I should carry a loaded gun in my purse.

Firefly Squids

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On the fisherman boat, we were told to place the helpless firefly squids in our mouths. I watched cheeks light up like light bulbs and I wondered how barbarism could be so beautiful.

A Lesson

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She’s the worst student in my Modern Film class and we’re alone at a bar.


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For a person you don't know, a stranger with a lot of place, you think much of him.

Thirteen Attempts At Saving My Soul

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I dream of other lives I might have lived.

Letter for K.

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the kind of thing that begins with a fist

Beware the Armed Man

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who wears his knife on his tongue.


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He isn’t bothering anybody. He’s just sitting in his car in the parking lot by the freshly mown soccer fields, waiting for his daughter to be done with practice. He isn’t looking at anything in particular, just gazing out in the direction of his pony-tail