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First Shot (37)

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"Getting a little spooked..."

First Shot (39)

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...Amelia Earhart.

First Shot (40)

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Previously Salzwedel brings his student out to the car where Blow discovers the student is not a boy, as he had assumed. Sarah, the student, blurts out that she blames herself for her grandfather's death.

First Shot (41)

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We left Blow, Salzwedel and Sarah at Gramps's store, with Sarah about to tell her teacher and the young lawyer why she blames herself for her grandfather's death... [cue up studio organ]

First Shot (42)

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In the last episode, Sarah explains what led up to Gramps's death. She gives Blow a box containing what she says are her great-great grandfather's personal papers. In this scene, Lt. Callahan takes Blow to the place he believes a murder was committed.

First Shot (43)

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Previously Blow visited the spot where the killer likely fired the shot that decapitated Newt Gunther. Later, at home, Blow prepares to examine documents that might reveal who fired the first shot in the Battle of Lexington.

First Shot (45)

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Previously we learned who fired the "shot heard 'round the world" and why he fired it. Here's what happened to the shooter after he rode from Lexington on Paul Revere's horse.

First Shot (46)

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We left Blow reading the final page in Willie Hosner's Revolutionary War diary. In today's thrilling episode, Blow catches serious hell from Mary Lloyd...

First Shot (47)

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We left Blow and Mary confronting a threatening voice mail from unscrupulous news reporter Mel Watterman. Today we watch them duel by text messages with Lt. Callahan.

First Shot (53)

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Blow has given Mary a leg up on finding the mysterious blog. After dropping her off at her car he collapses at his office door.

First Shot (54)

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Last episode: Blow gets cryptic message that Sarah has run away. Today: Blow seeks help from Homer Price to get to the Kellams w/o being followed.

First Shot (55)

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Blow switched cars with Homer Price to avoid tails en route to the Kellams. Today he and Salzwedel prepare to talk with Sarah's mother about taking twirling lessons. [No]

First Shot (56)

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We left Blow and Salzwedel about to approach the Kellams' house. Now, they do so...and more.

First Shot (57)

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I've forgotten what happened in the last ep. Now, tho, the suspense starts building [cue the jerky violin chords]

First Shot (58)

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Blow, Salzwedel and Frank Rust have found Sarah's abandoned truck, sans its shotgun. In this heart-stopping episode they set off in a dinghy for Turtle Island.