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Nature of the Bones (46)

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“What I'm having trouble why the people who wanted this bracelet thing so bad didn't just buy it from Jump. Wouldn't everybody be happy then? Except the guy from Richmond?”

Nature of the Bones (47)

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“Are you ready to have the Devil scared right out of you, Mr...Joe?“

Nature of the Bones (48)

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...he take hol' o' dis niggah's neck wit' one hand, an' den took his head wit' da ot'er han' an' he twist an' twist 'til da niggah's head come off, clean off, wit' a pop.

Nature of the Bones (49)

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“Anyone following you?” Blow, laughing, glanced in his rearview mirror. “Yes, as a matter of fact, there is.” “Oh, shit, Blow.”

Nature of the Bones (50)

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“Awright, gimme my surprise.”

Nature of the Bones (51)

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“Prudent, you say, sir? Prudence is a rich, ugly old maid courted by incapacity. So sayeth William Blake. Are we capable under these circumstances, Mr. Stone?”

Nature of the Bones (52)

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“No shit!” “Shit! I mean no, Blow. I took a photo off the website and put it on ours.

Nature of the Bones (53)

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The flashing blue lights squirted jet fuel on his excitement. He saw the first set atop a marked unit blocking the dirt drive entrance at the highway.

Nature of the Bones (54)

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“Homer, this is one time I'd like to see the moon hide behind some clouds all night. Know what I mean?”

Nature of the Bones (55)

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So over the dry moat and past the spikes and up the side of this bowl they charge. The little punk Hamilton's the first one up, and the fight is on.

Nature of the Bones (56)

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“You're tense as a banjo on speed, little bro. You think they're gonna try something tonight?”

Nature of the Bones (57)

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He knelt when he reached the pile on the ground and saw it was a deputy he didn't recognize.

Nature of the Bones (58)

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Blow lifted his night glasses and saw that at least one of the bulldozers was grinding toward them like an Abrams tank.

Nature of the Bones (59)

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Penultimate chapter!

Nature of the Bones (60)

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