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Bone Story (31)

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Blow's knees went weak. His thoughts flashed back to his sister's bedroom and the revolver in her nightstand. Never leave home without it.

Bone Story (32)

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...invited me to come up to Atlantic City, 'as a guest o' da compny', and he'd teach me how to play roulette, hinting that he'd show me how to win, and I laughed and told him I was a lesbian, and hung up.”

Nature of the Bones (33)

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He didn't recognize the number, but it was local. The message: Antwan Rakeen Jackson died 11:43 a.m. - Doc

Nature of the Bones (34)

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“Congratulations. I think the dailies do that all the time, don't they? Isn't that when they put EXCLUSIVE above the story, and make you subscribe before you can read the whole thing?”

Nature of the Bones (35)

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Then along came Bronson, Sally Bronson, genius retail entrepreneur who took the one-stop-shop embryo concept crazily serious and put every legal thing a household shopper could imagine wanting under one massive, tornado-daring roof, and called it Bron-Mar

Narrative of the Bones (36)

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Jump seems weightless, defying gravity like Peter Pan, one knee raised slightly, the toes of his crimson Nikes pointed straight down like a ballet dancer's a yard or better above the floor.

Narrative of the Bones (37)

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Blow nodded, murmured “Bummer”. The three shifted to other topics, but nothing they came up with, no matter how cheery, managed to dispel the elephant that had lumbered into their presence.

Narrative of the Bones (38)

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Oh, shit, Blow thought, here it comes. Dammit.

Narrative of the Bones (39)

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“Joey, what the fuck? What's going on down there? You been smoking something?”

Nature of the Bones (40)

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Blow heard a few more snatches of the pugnacious voice. “Not on yer life, sistah” flew over the pews like a cackling crow.

Nature of the Bones (41)

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“You ever heard of stigmata, Joe?” They were in one of the two Starbucks in Leicester. Yolanda was on Easter break. She'd called Blow, upset with something she said Rev. Warfield told her while they planned Jump's memorial service.

Nature of the Bones (42)

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Old Testament versus New...despite carrying the unconsciously delivered indelible marks of the Prince of Peace on his body, instead of choosing martyrdom in the name of his Savior, Jump Jackson opted for Jericho.

Nature of the Bones (43)

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“You think they'll sic their dogs on us now?” “Why not? If they think we're in the way.” “You have a gun, Joey?”

Nature of the Bones (44)

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They rolled off the highway to the rear of the field and parked, disembarked, painted the cross with tar, and planted their paradoxical symbol of Christian redemption about 50 yards back from the road.

Nature of the Bones (45)

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“Forthwith, huh? How long is that?”