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Bones (16)

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“My goodness,” she said, her eyes now fixed on the portraits hanging behind his desk. “That fellow with the powdered wig looks just like your father.” “That is my father, Yolanda. And that's not a wig.”

Bones (17)

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Shit, he thought.

Bones (18)

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After the British surrender just down the road at Yorktown, many mercenaries who wore the red coats and who also had tired of the pip-pip crap, shucked their lobsterbacks, donned homespun duds and took up a new life in the New World. One of them was a man

Bones (19)

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The males stared at Blow as he approached. He met the eyes of each, keeping his face blank.

Bones (20)

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“Manny said no, but I got the feeling he was too scared to admit it if he had. That's when he told me to keep his name out of the story.”

Bones (21)

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"...if those bones are part of something bigger, say, an Indian cemetery, it could mean an entire village was there. An archaeological dig could take years.”

Bones (22)

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Then a nurse switches the monitors off, someone lifts a sheet over the patient's head, masks are yanked from faces, and everyone exits.

Bones (23)

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“You see, I represent one of Annette's clients, and it's quite possible he's in serious danger. And I'm concerned now that Annette might be in danger herself.”

Bones (24)

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Annette's brow crinkled, and her face transitioned through confusion and disbelief to comprehension, and she seemed for an instant almost relieved.

Bones (25)

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He raised his arm in front of him, extended his middle finger and swung it slowly back and forth in an arc from one side the other.

Bones (26)

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This was when they heard the front door chimes. Blow froze. He held up a hand to warn Annette. He knew it wasn't Callahan.

Bones (27)

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“Who is it?” He shouted, recognizing a voice he'd not heard emerge from his throat since using it years prior in one of his favorite stage roles to cry, “Stellaaaaaa!”

Bone Story (28)

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A sole proprietor, she engaged in the world's oldest profession because she greatly enjoyed the physical interaction and, at first, as a means to support her simple needs. Her primary interest was writing fiction.

Bone Story (29)

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“Brace yourself, smartass. The dead fake cop? Who had Lorenzo Bean's badge and looked like Lorenzo Bean? He *was* Lorenzo Bean.”

Bone Story (30)

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Slapping the notebook shut he swung his legs off the bed, stood up, dashed downstairs to his office, grabbed his jacket and dashed out the door to his truck.