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"For God's sake," my mother said. "There could be anthrax in the candy." My mother worried about me going out on Halloween.

Cattle Town

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A boy and his father remain the only two living in a neighborhood gone under.


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Puddles—not his real name, as you’ve probably gathered, but the kind of nickname a fat kid got tagged with in our neighborhood—kept stopping short, picking underwear out of his ass or taking a breather. This had the unfortunate byproduct of my crashing in

The Portal To Hell

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Dave was in the market for a house. He stopped looking when he saw this listing: 4 Br. 3 bath. In-ground pool. 2 car detached garage. Ominous Portal to Hell. finished Basement. Some Demonic Undercurrents. Modern Kitchen. City Water. Appliances. Mus

The most tender thing

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Somehow, I have your body, but you’ve gone missing.