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Before the blast

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“Songs are a lot like stories,” he’d recently told me.

dark deer

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On the porch beside the banyan trees, Australian pine, palms, hibiscus, your son recites the Gettysburgh Address. It is Thanksgiving on Anna Maria Island and your family, parents, and sister's family sit before their vanquished plates.

Amputated for the Obit

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His face, serious, the edge of your twelve-year-old head just off to the side, amputated for the obit.

The Tale Of Brave Grinelda

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Once upon a time in the days of old There lived a poor tailor who- I am told- Did brag that his daughter Spun straw into gold!

Neil Gaiman

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“Tell me a story,” he said, toying with his top hat, running his fingers along its brim.

The Essence Of Story

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We all tell them/even when our mothers warned us only the Devil/tells stories

Zen and the Art of Enjoying the Last Laugh

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What doesn't kill you gives you great material.


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Lucky for mama, he doesn't like for his women to work.