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Barns And Ignobles

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None of us in the barn knew what to do about the lowing cows. Their slowly rising complaint started off as a half-hearted protest but soon gained in volume and unsettling portent.

This Was Something She Would Miss

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She bent over to adjust Scarlett's feed bin for the last time. She heard the other cows lowing gently here and there, and the calves suckling sloppily. The barn was cold; she could see her breath. But Scarlett wasn't interested in food. The cow pressed her eight-hundred…

How to Make a Baby

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Eat slowly. Wait. Do not bring reading material. Do not bring headphones. Avoid distractions.

The Clock Man's Trouble

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A lowing cow cracked open the darkened room like the yawn of a gravid alien.


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“It won’t work,” I say..