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I take the new white negligee out of the tissue and put it in my red suitcase, zipping it shut. Last thing in, first thing out. I feed Humphrey enough to last him the weekend as he winds around my ankles. I log in one last time before I head to the airpor

Dark Harvest

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“While most governments disapprove,” he began again, “they have no way to effectively track or deal with our business model. Indeed, missing people have simply become a fact of life in most major cities.”

Social Medicine

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Her Facebook profile was bursting with persistent prenatal posturing. She adored the adoration. And now Mrs. Davison’s pregnancy was almost over. This was her big, overblown, look-at-me-everyone, mind boggling finish!

Six Spring Tweets

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[the blind man's tweet] I held the words in my hands. They were cool to the touch. I wanted to put them in my mouth but I was afraid I might choke on them.

Like Me On Facebook. Or Else.

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Do you spend most of your time on Facebook, or all of your time on Facebook?


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Although still uncertain of whether she was a she fish or a he fish (she definitely hated being an it fish), the fish liked what she saw of Nags Head. Finally, a world that gave her a choice. And felt no need to verify whether she was a real she fish, or just a he fish…

Crows and the Gunshot

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We'll Thelma-and-Louise it, I urged, Bonnie-and-Clyde it, she bettered, Sundance-and-Butch it, I proffered but she was already leaning in for a kiss.

A Tangled Web of Likes

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Liking up with the Joneses...

Real Life

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Just like real life before poundsigns.