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"And who with the lovely feet am I speaking with tonight?" he said. "First name only, please".

Tiger Lawn

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half delicious//half tricked

Cherry Bomb

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I pictured myself walking to work while rainbows beamed out of me like rays to the sun. People would stop in their tracks and ask themselves who that fabulous vision walking down the street was. Word of my amazing shoes would travel wide and far across th

A Song To Lose Your Shoes To

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You’ve got me standin’ on my knees, A’searchin’ for a beggar’s alms, From folks who’re deaf to all my pleas And blind to open palms.

Victor Krowchuck Gets Dressed

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He puts on a choir of prepositions, 142 adjectives, 317 ramifications of cotton... and 177 semicolons engorged with cabbage.

Dancing Shoes

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Though she is looking at me, I sense she is seeing someone else. Somewhere else. Maybe a long time ago. Her hair looks like cotton and a silk scarf is draped elegantly across her frail shoulders. Plum lipstick outlines lips almost vanished with age.

Three Inches From Heaven

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It’s a shame you’re so tall, he said. Too bad you’re so short, she said. She was a gorgeous 6-foot-tall blonde and he was a love-smitten 5-foot-9. He was three inches from heaven.

Unfinished Business

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you are the most uptight pansy I have ever met

take off your shoes

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feet soft as eyelids on the tarmac


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I see those shoes and the status they confer, and I know what they cost.