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Inevitable break down

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I went to a drum circle next night under the full moon in May, scotch broom and lilacs blooming. One does not inhale such aphrodisiacs without losing one’s balance. There were children of druids and pagans and stregas from lands over the sea, lands beyo

No One Is Safe

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Psychos know to target me.

The River, Once

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once she went to quenchthen she went to scrubnow she collects dead toadsgrinds them with cornmeal to feed her sowsonce she ploughed the land toiled with her face deep in dark soil her back burning in hot sunnow she works in the paper millmaking laminated labels for the…

Okatooga Warhammer

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They looked like girl’s jeans. Matt held them against himself in the mirror. Not that girl’s jeans were a mark against them. Usually, girls had better jeans anyway. Matt took two of the biggest pairs out of the big chest in his grandmother’s back closet.

Wood Turtle

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The picnic area sizzles. Barbecues gloat in tombstone fireplaces. Sweaty men and women gargle beer.

Roget's Pocket Diffidence

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and who's the insignificant one? Time gets by, and I'm satisfied.

A Piece of the Sky

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For the briefest moment, she was part of the sky. She hung there. Frozen. Suspended. Arms outstretched. She thought maybe she could take off flying, if she strained against gravity hard enough. She would soar into the pale blue until she reached the clouds. They …

This Cab Goes Out To The Styx

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“Hey, Buddy,” he says finally, “you were supposed to make a right back there”, and I can see his eyes flash as he reads my ID card on the dash...

Return If Palpitations Reappear and Do Not Go Away

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the first one snapped in two; I felt the electric juice shoot from exposed root to infected throat, a pretty good clue already about the body,

All drains lead to the sea

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This soil is bereft, with only mocking water below, so catacombed in chalk.

Longshot Down Undah

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He said stuff like ‘Crikey that's a knife',” she said, “it was bad, really really bad.”