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Forgive me, father

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The future? I can’t see it, my imagination dies out when I try. Because every time I think about becoming a father to a baby girl I remember Kelly Kominsky, and what a merciless shit I was.

My Lady's Child

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Her swell of child fits like a socket into the bowl of my hip-bones.

sixteen magpies

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Sixteen magpies patrolled the patch of grass behind the house, splitting the soil with their shiny beaks and siphoning earthworms from the wet earth. Your blood and bile suctioned into waste receptacles, your sallow skin pitted and bluing as the sun made

The Family Tradition

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Your father, his father, and his before that, your mother, her mother, and all the way back have kept a tradition by chance or by will to each have a baby (or several) until…

When You're Grown

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I’ll learn how to make balloon animals and pop each one,

For My Sons, a Poem

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In time, I will forgethow he said "smooshie" for "smoothie"and "eyebrowns" for "eyebrows,"how his upper lip dimpled when he laughedin that uproarious, wild toddler way.How he wheedled to be wrapped and rocked,after a bath, even at age five,his long calves uncovered by…

Future Children As Rocks

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I feel like I should tell you things about strength.

There's Really Only Space For One Here

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i hope that day comes sooner rather than later.


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sometimes i have to be in the other room just so i can breathe easy away from you.


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the moment he started walking my hands were given new tasks to do: