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Name game

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I said, I took off my underwear. Which even now, seems more like a non-sequitur rather than an admission of something – responsibility?

Hunger: A Prayer

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Prayer: Cold prayers in her throat, so far all unanswered. This thing grows steadily, unmistakably, cobbling counterfeit cells and flesh together into an unspeakable mass.


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“I was just dreaming about you,” he said, sleepy-voiced. “What's for breakfast?”


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At six a.m. he was awakened by the alarm on the watch, and found he could not remove it from his wrist, though he was able to turn it off. Of course, she was gone, but had left a little patchouli-scented note on a pillow.


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She could tell she had sex in this room, could smell it, could feel the heat from the body next to her. But she wasn't ready to face her conquest, well, her conquest cum defeat. She would rather take inventory of her surroundings, see where she landed her