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Ain't No Surprise in an Old Man Dying

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An old man does some thinking.

Her Own Age

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He had a country house, she said, but it was near the city. She said the house was about as old as he was and she loved it— from the wood-framed windows to the heavy wood doors... to the garden on the side of the house


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He tapped his foot, swished his hips, swaying across the worn tile floor with an invisible partner in his arms, the batter-coated spoon still clutched in his right hand, momentarily forgotten. Nearly a decade had passed since he last shared a dance with h

The Old Man and the Shark

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The shark’s voice was dark, warm and scratchy, like dying embers.

The old man in the window is probably scarier than he looks.

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It loomed -- unavoidable.

The Greatest Sweep in the History of Sweeping

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you misunderstand karma

Until Again

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Methuselah. That’s what they call him, the regulars that ride my train. Other things too, but Methuselah is the one that sticks in my mind. It seems to fit. It’s not as cruel.


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he old man shaves with his electric Remington razor the morning the baby dies. The shrill echo of the phone in the hall brings him thundering down the stairs and as he stands there in his string vest and y-fronts he begins to shake. I make it halfway down

End of Death

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“That’s right you stay right there!” shouted the old man as he peered over his shoulder. “Don’t come any closer!” The tennis balls dragged across the ground leaving green fuzz in their wake.