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Who Will Carry Us?

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1. People avoided Mac, the Great White Hunter, which was how he liked to think of himself, even though he was not white. Mac was cocoa colored and stalked his prey nearly nude. The city was his…

old soul

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It looks out at the world from behind a film. It does not participate. It is slow to love. There is the image, and they say they are in the world, but blood does not shake their hearts. They lie and take your soul when they smile. They imitate natur

they in that eternal room

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And while they sat and while we danced for them, they in that eternal room of theirs, illumined by late sunlight, or moonlight, (or the lamp in your bedroom,) our skin moistened with oils, glistening… each of us shining as we turned, emitting littl

the first time I met Terry

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I remember the first time I met the virgin, Terry (not Mary.) She was in the back seat of an old Plymouth convertible with its top down, jam-packed with raucous high school girls vying to see which one of them could be the most loud and obnoxious, and w

fastened together in silks in the Chicago night

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I know our hearts were fastened together in silks in the Chicago night. In the great nurturing night, you were the (real) first. Yoked together, you were the first god to have complete leave of my body, for an hour, for all time, you were the first.

Grand Heads for America: A Fable of Exceptionalism

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Greg Samson opened his eyes. He had never wanted morning so bad, since he had writhed and jerked all night with distressing dreams. Good morning, Georgetown. And yet, something was still not right. His feet and calves hung off the bed's end, and yet his h

Nothing in the World (an excerpt)

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All night the moon had watched him, and he’d been unable to return its stare. Finally there was sunlight, and Joško took up his rifle and rucksack. He had trouble keeping his balance at first, but gradually his legs steadied.

Seal Skin

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I had told myself that I would not cry. That I would hold on to my anger so tightly, there would be no space for pity.


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For a person you don't know, a stranger with a lot of place, you think much of him.

The Art of It

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To write a good poem, one needs nothing but the whole intent of goodness.

Somehow There Was More Here

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Josh and Maddie gave me hope. This was nothing I could tell him, though, being as emotionally stunted as he was. Sure, they fought...And they never said the things that people should say when what they say means something.

from "Memorial Day"

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The kite hovered like a gull, just high enough that I thought, for a moment, it might break from its string and glide over the Atlantic. My father pointed out into the expanse and said, See kids, there’s Ireland.

AK (excerpt)

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They said AK, AK, if you want to come here, if you want to come to Antioch, you have to bring your A+ game. If you want to run with the big boys. That’s what they said. So I brought my A+ game.


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1. If anybody tells you that this story isn't true they are lying. It is a true story; I am lying if it isn't, and I don't lie. It's the story of me, Ms. Emma Wakeling and the Winter I was holed up with her and her two girls, Noranbole and Urine. What a Winter! It…


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A tale of cruelty, love, devotion and neglect, lust, obsession, ego and vanity, cowardice, courage, fetish and power. And string.