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Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 13)

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The vampire hunger returns home to find his vampire twin brother that he staked to the wall still alive and bandaged up. All the family secrets comes tumbling out in a death bed confession, including a revelation that he didn't know about the vampire king

Marigolds For A Vampire (Epilogue)

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The vampire hunter returns the coffin of his vampire twin brother to the family crypt and accepts the consequences of his actions after leaving home a quarter-century ago.

The Wide and Lonely World

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She wanted a hammer of her own. She and Fritzi could sit there with their hammers and see the whole wide and lonely world from there: Aunt Bernice, the penned-up sows and broken down buildings, Jerry and Elizabeth, and her brothers, and farther away, Pete

What We Give

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Oh, what jealousy does to us! What love does to the living!