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The Yin and the Yang

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Penis vs Uterus

Excerpt from the Novella "Iron Butterfly"

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Did I knowingly choose to enter Gloria’s garden and the warm, dark, hollow spaces she offers? Or is it something else that draws me?

How to Travel with Your Demons (2)

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The love of hundreds of people, seemingly, rain down from the sky, but its not like when the cock hits the good spot inside you. And everybody who is reading this knows this is true. We all know what that feels like, that aha moment, that eiphany, like,

The Gift Garden (opening extract)

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My doubt is a festering wound. It leaks infection into my body, spreading through the good parts of me that I know remain. It is always there, somewhere. It is a parasite, a corrupt outgrowth of me. It lives in the darkest parts, the hidden parts, always looking for…


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The days cut off by damp chill with every thought a different variety of protection.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 1)

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A vampire hunter comes home for the funeral of his former partner when the widow attacks him with a machete.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 2)

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After surviving the machete attack by the widow at the funeral of his late former partner, the vampire hunter learns from their son, a SJPD, homicide, about a series of strange murders that suggest the presence of a vampire.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 3)

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A mysterious girl in white and a raven leads the vampire hunter to the one place he didn't want to be at in the cemetery to confirm what he already suspected.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 4)

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The vampire hunter visits the tenant who rented his house during the quarter-century he was away from home, confirming his suspicions from the cemetery after the mysterious visit by the girl in white and the cigarette-toting raven.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 5)

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The vampire hunter and his vampire twin brother have a late night dinner, catching up on the last 25 years and arguing about the past.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 7)

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The vampire hunter checks out the scene of the vampiric serial killer's last victim was found, disturbed that the answers may lie closer to home.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 8)

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The vampire hunter and his twin vampire brother has a late night chat when an unexpected visitor delivers a painful message.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 9)

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After the reading of the will for his late partner, the vampire hunter has an intimate conversation with the widow about the crossbow bolt that hit him in the shoulder the night before.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 11)

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After a police raid on the suspected vampiric serial killer flushes out the girl in white and the cigarette-toting raven, the vampire confronts the consequences of his past.

Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 12)

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After the vampire hunter strangles the girl in white in the storm tunnel, he returns to his car to get an update from the homicide detective on the vampiric serial killer investigationand the widow of his former partner has disappeared with her assassin w