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A short, nonsense story about colours, sounds and Big Mo

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And as he looked at the departing pink cushion in his rear-view mirror (shaped like a canoe without the paddles), the latest big question popped into his mind like a hot slice of buttered brown bread from his shiny, metallic stainless steel toaster –


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The pieces of bread dipped us humans in cheese, the cheese made by cows from our milk.


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Lise started making up words when she lost her voice.

stinking nightgown

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Frank says if I eat the whole bowl of live crickets he’ll give me five dollars and his grandfather’s silver bullet from the war.

Long Term Medical Plan

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“It's going to be hitting around the mid-90's tomorrow” said the television expert. “So what? Like 1995?” “Maybe, perhaps even '96” “Does this mean I should break out my Backstreet Boys record?” …

Knees of the Dragon

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I never could run properly. It’s kinda hard when you’ve got scales all over your body and a big fat tail that gets in the way.


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"They've got your number too man!" He points at my chest, jabbing the air. "They're watching us all man! Take me with you! We need to get out of Texas."

Mr. Wazzeldot

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Mr. Wazzeldot has seven legs. He lives very comfortably. He likes to sit by the fire. There's a large cushion for a chair, and in the evenings, he sips his Bloody Marys. I know because I visit him…