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On Silence

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the world crumbles to nothing

On Letting Go

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everything part of the flow

On Wanting to Be a Writer

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an exhausting roll of time


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My guy was Croatian. I sought an Italian.

On Literature

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Believe in every word, and you just might find the truth.

On Wanting to Be a Writer

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an exhausting roll of time

War Stories

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I told about the time during the early part of WW II when I shook hands with a member of the Flying Tigers. He was home on leave, and he stopped by to see my dad, who had been his scout master.

On Literature

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Believe in every word, and you just might find the truth.

Olfactory Hues

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When summers at the dacha come to mind, the memories are scattershot. I like when they surface, but I don’t hold on to any of the fragments for too long. Not because anything unpleasant went on there; to the contrary, I remember those summers spent at our

With a Shot

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She does not attack, but she tears me apart.


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What I did I wouldn't call criminal, just stupid. Even my judge, after so many court appointments, didn't understand what had happened. And there's a reason I got out on illegal sentencing but, either way, I paid the better part of a year for it all. I don't want to tell…


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Which Way to the Vomitorium

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When I saw that Chez Panisse was serving crawdaddies (the menu called them crayfish, but I know a crawdaddy when I see it), I relaxed. I didn't eat the ugly creatures when my brother fished them out of irrigation ditches back on our farm near Roswell, and

On Literature

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Believe in every word, and you just might find the truth.

Is Frodo Baggins a Hero?

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Over the last few nights I re-watched the Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson's now-classic adaptation of Tolkien's famous trilogy is always a delight to sit through. Fair warning, though: I've not read the books upon which the movies are based. Or rather, I've not read all of…