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(3) Country House

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At one point he’d said: Don’t you have work to do? And she’d said: I’m doing it now.

Marzy Needs Groceries

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“I'm not gonna do it Eddie, I don't care how many times he asks for his payback, he's getting serious about it, but no way. I thought at first I could put him off forever, that it was a big joke, but he's pushin for it all the time.”

Desert Wine/Manhattan Sour

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rusted house off to the left a chrome revolver off to the right desert hallucinations city undulations

If I Make it in Time

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“Boy, if we had any laps to sit on, we wouldn't need you. Dowtown dead tonight.” from the first, who seems to be the leader of this worn pack.

We Like the Flyover States

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We wanted Siberia, the frozen Baltic Sea, Vladivostok; we wanted commerce in shipping, and fur hoods incorporated into the local fashion.

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 1

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In Washington Square Park in the center of the fountain and cupped by delusion he whirls and turns shirtless

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 2

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creating the man-machine ... standing outside the Men’s room waiting for the gates to be thrown open

Lick My Blahniks, she said

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“While you’re down on your knees, dog-boy, lick my shoes..."

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 3

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Long before the shadow of the arch lays down across the plaza, X is awake and busy

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 4 (micro)

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a face all of gold: metallic, her features painted atop a golden skin-mask

Hotel Chelsea - Nanette

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Nanette got off the N train and climbed the stairs of the subway station, feeling oddly relaxed though still her hand held the stun-gun inside her purse.

Hotel Chelsea - Nanette 2

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Her pen was the same color blue as the flags that flew outside the NYU buildings

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 5 - the talisman

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in a time out of time he arises from this dream

Hotel Chelsea - Nanette 3

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Nanette no longer thought of home

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 6

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the passenger...who bears the coin that Charon holds legal tender