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Carpe Tempus

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Now all I have left is yesterdays.

Apology + Opportunity

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What I need to secure from you now are two swears on this copy of Camp Bylaws for the Hearty and True that you won’t let my misinformed intrusion dampen your beginnings.

27 Grams (The weight of the world)

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The strippergram practiced her routine listening to her stereogram a mocking echo of the light entertainment programme her Grandmother who reared her used to listen via radiogram while sat decoding the acrostic's crafty anagrams unravelling its grammatical cats…

The Creative Use of Meal Time

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We’re more into the punishment that works its way in through the skin and coats the heart anonymously.


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They met on a cruise, married days later.


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During the audit...


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He was still on the ground...

No Collar

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Eating my teeth off pulling the silk from my lips and swallowing each kerchief wholejust trying to find the priest who has his heart set on a motorcycle